VOMS module Installation

This module assumes that you are running the Keystone 9 (Mitaka) version.

Install the Keystone VOMS module

Install from Repositories

You can install Keystone VOMS from any of the repositories published in the AppDB. If you plan to install it like this, remove any prior version installed via pip and check that you are removing the old versions. If you did not install this module using pip, just ignore this step:

$ pip uninstall python-keystone-voms keystone-voms

Please, do not use the OpenSuse build service anymore and switch to the EGI AppDB repositories. Please visit the Keystone-VOMS product page where you can find the download page for all the available and supported versions.

Install from pip

With a running Keystone you can install the VOMS module with the following command (note the version range):

$ pip install 'keystone-voms>=9.0.0,<10.0.0'

Install from source

First, uninstall any old python-keystone-voms installation. This was the old name of the package and should be removed:

$ pip uninstall python-keystone-voms

With a running Keystone, simply install this egg. In the upper-level directory run python setup.py install:

$ git clone git://github.com/IFCA/keystone-voms.git -b stable/mitaka
$ cd keystone-voms
$ pip install .

Enable the Keystone VOMS module

The authentication module is a WSGI middleware that performs the authentication and passes the authenticated user down to keystone. Add the VOMS filter to your paste configuration file (/etc/keystone/keystone-paste.ini is the default one) First, add the VOMS filter as follows:

paste.filter_factory = keystone_voms.core:VomsAuthNMiddleware.factory

Then add this filter to the public_api pipeline for the version V2 of your API. Probably, you should add it before the debug, ec2_extension, user_crud_extension and public_service components:

pipeline = sizelimit url_normalize build_auth_context token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body_v2 json_body ec2_extension voms user_crud_extension public_service

Note that you may have a different pipeline. You don’t need to replace your pipeline with the above, but just add the voms filter in the correct place.